A good coach can change a game –

A great coach can change a life.

Empowering the youth
through sport

Coaches Change Children

Children are molded by coaches. Passion is ignited through coaching. Speaking life into a child is a world changing opportunity.

Inspiring the leaders of tomorrow

Building a Better Future

Coaches who aren’t coached often forget the mission at hand. Our children deserve more. Our grandchildren deserve more. It starts with you.

Danny Wohlschlaeger


I became a full time coach during my senior year of high school. Early on, I was hyper aware of how much of an impact I was having on the children (and coaches) around me. In ten years of coaching and training coaches, I have realized that very few coaches understand the world changing opportunity of their role. Very few coaches enter into teachable moments with the intention and profound mindset that can truly change a child's life. I know the statistics... and they say that a lot of kids (more than you'd care to acknowledge) are going home to a house where they don't feel safe. My mission to empower and inspire coaches in every sport - to walk with coaches as they discover their calling and gift. We have the keys to the future in our hands, and I believe it's time for us to recognize that.

Danny's passion is contagious! He opened up a new perspective for our team of coaches, and helped us build a vision that reaches far beyond our sport, and into the lives of our athletes.

Joshua LawsonOhio Sports Academy

Some coaches just get it. But what is "it"? Danny really opened the eyes of my staff. He helped them see and understand what it takes to be the kind of coach that can genuinely change a child life. His energy is infectious and he has wisdom beyond his years.

Wendy HyltonCEO, Gymnastics Inc, Virginia, USA

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Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc